Welcome to Huddle01 SYNC
Real-time video and audio SDKs for developers. Easily add secure video meetings to your app or website with Huddle01 Sync
Are you a startup or an enterprise looking for a customised video solution to scale 1:1 or 1:many calls with 1000+ concurrency? Or, are you a coding bootcamp looking to ramp up your live video infrastructure?
Our video infrastructure, detailed SDK documentation, and 24x7 customer support is all you need to ship your killer yet differentiated product, faster!

Key Concepts

  • Room: A "room" represents a specific video call location and configuration.
  • Meeting: A meeting session is a set of one or more people in a room together during a specific time window.
  • Host: A "host" is the person initiating the call.
  • Peer: A "peer" represents all participants connected to a room.
Lets's Get Started!
We are available 24*7 on Slack. You can join our community at: https://bit.ly/3AsIsT7
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